Two Steps to Better Marketing in 2020

2020 is here! Happy New Year!

Just like digital marketing changes in 2019, 2020 will hold a plethora of new challenges and opportunities for your brand. With more platforms than ever, your brand has the chance to be heard in numerous digital spaces. How do you plan to leverage the (potentially) rapt audience that is the internet?

First, you can’t do it all. Unless you have an entire team of marketing strategists and worker bees, there is no way you are going to leverage every single platform. What does this mean?

Don’t start the new year with this kind of goal: we are going to expand our social media presence. First, that goal is meaningless. Second, expanding everywhere isn’t the right strategy for you. Most brands do well in a few places. It’s better to do well in a few places than to do mediocre, marginal or poor everywhere. It’s better to write two thoughtful, SEO-rich blogs a month than to start out with a goal to write five blogs a week. In addition to simply being doable, your goals need to legitimately consider your bandwidth, what is sustainable and – more importantly – what works for you.

Two Steps to Digital Marketing Success in 2020

This is the year to dive deeper. Go deeper into who your brand really is. The internet is ready for specialists. Don’t try to do everything well. Don’t be everything to everyone. There are two things you have to do. They are simple. You may have already done them. I challenge you to revisit them and level set as you start this new year. Make sure everyone in your company is on the same page. Refine and edit as needed. Make quarterly goals that circle back to these foundational elements. Don’t depart from the truths of these two things and you will find success in your digital marketing

Number One: Define Your Brand (Better)

The internet is dog eat dog. It is saturated, sopping, drenched (apparently it’s very watery). I’m not sure why I used that metaphor but picture it. You are a drop in the ocean. There are many companies out there who do what you do. There are many companies out there who offer what you offer. The brands that are going to make it are going to do something different. And you can. Because you are a person with a brain and you have a team with brains. Put those collective brains together and figure it out: who are you. And then be that on the internet.

Be who you are. Get really, really clear about that this year. Who you are, what you say, what you offer, what niche you occupy. Clarity there is vital.

Number Two: Define Your Audience (Better)

Then, be who you are in front of the right people. Do your due diligence. Don’t ask, where does everyone go on the internet? Ask, where do YOUR people go on the internet? Where does YOUR demographic hang out? Get really really clear about who your audience is, find them and target them with the right messages.

Do the persona work. Let this be the year that you defined your target audience. Revisit demographics. Define psychographics. Make the charts, draw the pictures do the creative work. It may feel unnecessary but, as someone who works with dozens of brands every week, this is a defining element of the companies who succeed.

Digital Marketing in 2020

This could be your year to reach new heights. The internet is a limitless sea of people who are ready to buy. If you do the work, you will achieve transactions. Here’s a tool to help.

Click here to access a Google Doc that takes you through specific exercises to address each of these two keystone elements that will lead to your marketing success in 2020!

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