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The term “SEO” is everywhere. What it means is how your website ranks for search. If you are a content company and someone types in “hire a writer,” you show up first. That’s the goal of SEO. And it doesn’t happen by accident. SEO strategies are implemented by SEO specialists. These are people who know the (ever-changing) business of ranking for SEO keywords and phrases. The goal of competing for SEO is to get customers for free (this is what we call “organic traffic” – people find you when they’re looking for you, unlike PPC which is “paid traffic”).

And here’s the reality: no one gets this for free. SEO takes diligent effort. You need to know what you’re doing and you need to do it the right way. SEO hinges on three main efforts:

  1. Building links (inbound and outbound)
  2. Optimizing static copy (your web pages) and consumable copy (a blog or other digital content platform)
  3. Doing the tecchie stuff (on the back-end of your website, monitoring and ongoing improvements to code and copy.
SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting and SEO Strategy

At Hire a Writer, this is what we do. We are SEO specialists. Hire a Writer is not a marketing firm, although by default much of what we do feels like marketing. At the core, we are about helping your website improve. This takes time and a high level of knowledge. Functioning at an elite level in SEO is a professional job. That’s why you pay us to do it.

We elevate the underdog by providing content that helps small to midsize companies compete in the digital marketplace. Hire a Writer is about leveling the playing field. Giant companies dominate digital retail spaces. We offer expert level service and content to smaller businesses. This allows you to play the game on a higher level. So, whether you are launching your first website or learning how to do e-mail campaigns, we can help. It’s what we do.

What Does a Freelance Writer Do?

Freelance writer

Hire a Writer is here to help your small or medium sized business expand its digital presence and develop an SEO strategy and ongoing improvements that help you generate and convert leads. We want you to be able to play at a higher level. We want you to outrank and outperform your competition in search. We have the knowledge and skills to show you how. Our free consultation and free quote will give you a starting point to prioritize your digital content project plan.

Hire a Writer creates online written content that is strategically optimized to help you rank for search as well as generating and converting new leads. We are an alternative to Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and other services that require fees and subscriptions. Our specialty is helping small businesses create sophisticated SEO strategies and digital deliverables.

Hiring a Freelance SEO Writer

There are a few ways to get content written for your company. One of those ways is using a massive hiring service that matches freelance talent to your projects. There are many downsides to going this route.

Upwork Hire a Writer
Fees for you AND your contracted workerNo Fees
Application and hiring workOne call, one hire
Inconsistent talent poolProven, expert work
Communication difficultiesA real person, available within an hour
  1. Fees for you AND your contracted worker. Upwork and similar platforms charge you a fee and they charge your freelance writer a fee. This means that the money you pay your writer is reduced by as much as 30%. The result is that you can’t hire as qualified of a worker and may receive lower quality work.
  2. Application and hiring work. Part of the benefit of hiring a freelancer is that you don’t have to hire a full-time staff person. Freelancers are flexible and can work only when you need them, on a temporary basis. A posted Upwork or Freelancer job may get dozens of applications… within the first 15 minutes! This translates into you spending a significant amount of time sifting through resumes and portfolios and interviewing. This is all time that you could instead have someone working for you.
  3. Inconsistent talent pool. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and even larger hiring agencies like Glassdoor, Media Bistro and Indeed all accept applications from anyone. This means that, if skilled enough, anyone can claim to know or do anything. Even the vetting of skill tests (which have gone away now on Upwork) or recommendations can be arbitrary. The best way to ensure quality is to make a real connection with a real person who you can trust.
  4. Communication difficulties. Freelancers are a risk and many people who use online platforms to hire writers have experienced loss. Loss occurs when a freelancer either abandons or neglects your job, ignores deadlines or simply stops communicating. Often, you only communicate through the platform or via email, which means that your content is held hostage until you find a way to connect again. Don’t run that risk. Do business with a real person who can get you real results.

SEO strategy is your silver bullet.

We can help your small business win.

SEO strategy

An SEO specialist provides ongoing monitoring, feedback and improvement for your website. Your website is worth investing in. It is the place customers find you online. Your website is connecting to your map pack, social profiles and everywhere else you have a presence. It is the mother ship. Don’t you want it to work?

You Need an SEO Strategy

The reality is, most people create a website from a template (or hire someone to code them a standard, five to eight page site) and let it sit. As you do this, it accumulates all kinds of junk. Things like toxic backlinks and outdated keywords take over, obscuring your website from view. Think you may need an SEO specialist? Here are some reasons you might:

  • You used to get leads from your website but you don’t anymore.
  • You don’t even know what an SEO strategy is.
  • You couldn’t tell us the SEO keywords that are used in your website copy.
  • You don’t know what keywords you do or should perform for.
  • You can’t identify your keyword competitors.
  • You don’t know where you rank in search.
Hire an SEO consultant

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

Aside from a general need to know the status of your most valuable digital asset, there are many business reasons to hire an SEO specialist. These include things like:

  • You want to start doing more business.
  • You’ve been outpaced and outranked by your competitors.
  • You spend a lot of money on PPC or social ads with little results.
  • People can’t find your website.
  • People don’t find your website.
  • You have a new product of offering to showcase.
  • You realize you need an SEO blog to get new traffic.

SEO is both an initial and ongoing investment. The challenge is that information changes at a staggering rate online. This means that a keyword you ranked #1 for on one day may be obsolete another day, eclipsed by a competitor or different keyword or phrase. An SEO specialist knows all of this. We use numerous kinds of monitoring software to keep track of your rank on a daily basis, giving us the insight into the moves that need to be made to keep you in the game.

SEO work for hire
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Contract SEO Work for Hire

SEO work isn’t just a one and done. You need an authority to regularly weigh in on how you are ranking and what you need to do to maintain or improve your position. That’s when you hire an SEO specialist. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on an initial website and then leave it to collect dust. That website will not perform. Websites are as alive as the internet itself and they need to be taken care of. An SEO specialist takes care of your site.

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