What is Your Marketing Personality?

What is your brand voice? Or, how do you write for a brand that has a specific voice? Get ALL of the basics + popular brand examples of everything from funny to rugged to serious brand voices.

What Written Copy Does Your Business Need?

What written copy does your business need? Get the details on the four kinds of written content your small business or start up needs to succeed.

SEO Content: Website, Blog, Pillar

There are three ingredients you need to create a robust SEO presence. These are: SEO foundation: website pages SEO consumable content: blogs SEO long-form content: pillars The first you pretty much invest in once. The second and third you need to invest in regularly. Let’s get into it. What are these, seriously do I haveContinue reading “SEO Content: Website, Blog, Pillar”

Brands With Strong Twitter Personalities (During COVID-19)

COVID-19 has brought out the best and worst in people… and brands. As companies’ brand voices become evermore casual and niche, some are really standing out as witty, hilarious, snarky, sarcastic and more on social media. There have been some truly LOL Twitter threads from brands like Wendy’s and Costco. And, at this point it’sContinue reading “Brands With Strong Twitter Personalities (During COVID-19)”