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What is Your Marketing Personality?

What is your brand voice? Or, how do you write for a brand that has a specific voice? Get ALL of the basics + popular brand examples of everything from funny to rugged to serious brand voices.

Brands With Strong Twitter Personalities (During COVID-19)

COVID-19 has brought out the best and worst in people… and brands. As companies’ brand voices become evermore casual and niche, some are really standing out as witty, hilarious, snarky, sarcastic and more on social media. There have been some truly LOL Twitter threads from brands like Wendy’s and Costco. And, at this point it’sContinue reading “Brands With Strong Twitter Personalities (During COVID-19)”

How to Write an SEO Blog

How to write an SEO blog: what questions to ask a client or yourself about what you want an SEO blog to do for your business.

SEMRush: A Review

I started using SEMRush for numerous clients. It has been a helpful tool. Like any software, it has its unique features and functions. I thought it may be helpful to relay the whys and hows and to recommend it for certain uses. Here are some of the features and screenshots of what you get withContinue reading “SEMRush: A Review”

Your Brand Voice

Establishing a clear and recognizable brand voice is an important exercise for start-ups and small businesses that want to show up in the marketplace. Not everyone makes it here, to be honest. I’ve worked with some brands who have no clarity. They speak in different voices, tones and messages… and it is a problem. ItContinue reading “Your Brand Voice”

Writing an SEO Blog

The more I work with teams of writers – including content people, web developers and marketers – the more I realize that a lot of teams really don’t have a conscious or conscientious approach to SEO blogging. There are plenty of resources out there about this. There are a few steps people just seem toContinue reading “Writing an SEO Blog”

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