Hire a Writer provides a comprehensive, expert content strategy that moves the needle on your digital marketing. Feel like you’re on the outside looking in? We have the right moves to transform your trajectory and build your business.

Hire a Writer FOR…

SEO Copy
Email Marketing
Landing Pages

We specialize in working with start-ups and small to midsize companies who want to enhance their digital presence.

Want to be number one? This is the kind of work that gets you there.

So, we don’t do it all. We’re not going to create videos and set up your direct mail campaigns and align all of your PPC work. We have a laser focus on creating copy that performs in terms of improving SEO rank and increasing traffic that results in lead generation and lead conversion. And, we do it well.

Our strategies perform. They take time. They require your investment. We will work to create a custom plan for every client that takes your website from bottom of the heap to top of the pile. We urge you to stop spending thousands of dollars a week on ads that offer you impressions and not much else. Spend your money strategically. SEO is the strategy that invests in your own appreciable asset: your website, improved, results in the highest ROI of any other marketing effort.

Ready to get a digital marketing strategy that works? Reach out.


Simple pricing, possible 24-hour turnaround, work with a real person

Hire a Writer: who we are and what we’re about.


Hiring a freelance writer is perfect for:

  • Short-term projects
  • New websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Targeted marketing and ads
  • Re-branding projects
  • Press releases
  • Promotional materials
  • Updating websites or digital collateral
  • New or ongoing blog content
  • Updating marketing materials
  • Use the service when you need it for as long as you need it.


  • Connect With a Real Person
  • No Resume Reviews
  • No Subscriptions
  • No Fees
  • No Management
  • Short-Term or Long-Term 
  • Expert Work
  • Fixed Rates
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Get Results
  • Streamlined Billing
  • Flexible Editing Process

Most importantly, we care about you. We offer a sliding scale, so if you’re a start-up in the thick of it, we’ll charge you less. We offer discounts for ongoing projects and retainer options, like our SEO specialist program where you get expert monitoring and improvement for a monthly price. In other words, we are legit on your team and here to help you succeed.

Do you find yourself in need of an updated digital presence? Hiring an internal staff member is costly and risky.

Using a freelancer is cheaper and faster.

In an ever-changing industry, you can leverage our expertise to get in this digital game with cutting edge content.

We are chronic learners. Researchers. We shore up our knowledge all day every day to ensure we can offer the highest possible quality and strategy to our clients. Our SEO audits and strategies utilize the most sophisticated software on the market.

We are in it to win it. Don’t give in to nebulous metrics like “impressions.” Measure your marketing dollars in terms of real results. We specialize in content that generates and converts leads. This is about high-quality that gets you the most traffic. This is an investment in your SEO.

Hire a Writer is composed of a lean mean machine of people who left the corporate world, tech world and other fields to make a difference. We aren’t here to be huge: we’re here to be helpful. Our work is wholehearted and we like to partner with companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs who need our assistance to expand their digital presence.


Hire a Writer
HQ: Fort Myers, Florida


Hire a Writer is here to be helpful. We offer regular resources for freelance writers, small teams of marketers and business owners. Here are some ways you can take advantage of the free writing advice and free copywriting guidance on this website:

We don’t use our social profiles to sell you stuff.

  • The blog is where we really invest mental energy. There are some awesome articles that can give you ready-to-use ideas about how to integrate the best SEO strategies into your website or for your digital marketing.
  • On Facebook, we mostly cross-post expert articles on marketing news or fresh innovations.
  • On Instagram, it’s some funny stuff and some blog links.
  • On Twitter, it’s basically a regurgitation of our other content because Twitter is exhausting.
  • On LinkedIn, you can loop Joy into your network and get professional marketing advice.

Are you ready for SEO copy that helps your website perform? Your website is the only appreciable asset your company has… and its’ time to give it the investment it deserves! You can get a FREE, initial SEO audit of your website to see how you’re performing for organic rank and search terms. Then, you can hire us to oversee and improve your website each month.

Is it expensive to hire an SEO specialist?

It can be. Our retainer fee starts at $2,000/month. But, when it comes to SEO, you really have two options.

  1. You can invest in PPC advertising OR
  2. You can invest in SEO improvements to your website.

A regular, monthly investment in SEO will yield a higher ROI in the long run.

Does it take time to improve your search rank with SEO website copy?

Yes. Improving your rank for SEO can take a significant amount of time: months, or even years, depending on your industry. In the end, however, the leads you get from organic, SEO investments will cost far less per lead than anything you could ever achieve even with the BEST PPC campaign. This is better than a new staff hire, sprucing up your office or doing a direct mail.

Hiring an SEO specialist will, in the long run, be an investment that appreciates. As your website improves, your company becomes more valuable. And, the hard truth is that no one gets it for free. Some people spend $10k/week on PPC. Other people spend a few grand a month to have an expert monitor their SEO and make strategic improvements. It’s your choice. But it is a choice you probably have to make if you want skin in the game of SEO ranking.

Hire a writer online

Is it worth hiring someone to do your SEO?

SEO is a long game. It’s a sizable investment. And, it’s worth it. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads… all of these are subject to change as the popularity of various platforms shifts. One day, Facebook is king. The next day, it will be another platform. Even PPC ads require a huge financial investment and your cost per lead will only go so low. The bottom line is that spending money to regularly improve your search rank (get on top and stay on top) is the best business decision you can make.

Convinced? Contact us and we’ll audit your site for free (using very expensive software ;)). You’ll see how much potential you have and how you can benefit from a team of SEO specialists on your side.

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