Joy Youell

Joy Youell: Writer

Hey there. I’m Joy. As you can see, I have a vision. I love working with awesome brands who have a unique spin to present to the marketplace.

I’ve worked with giant companies and tiny companies. My work has included everything from shopping cart abandon ads to ghostwriting full-length books. I have a giant track record of success. Most importantly, I care about this.

I have this weird idea that language matters. Communication is the essence of good business. Getting your company on the digital map requires some sophisticated copywriting.

Everyone’s good. Do you want to be great? I can dream with you about how to make that happen.

Expert Copywriter

I work with a lot of start-ups. I’ve watched some succeed and many fail. There are a lot of challenges along the way. Messaging is essential.

Here’s the problem: good copywriting isn’t a no-brainer. It isn’t a mindless exercise of quantity. Good messaging is highly memorable. Great messaging gets people to open emails. The best messaging gets people to buy what that email is selling.

A new brand is all about creating a community and a culture. The ultimate goal of marketing promotion is advocacy. Remember your sales funnel? If you can effectively get people through it, you’ve just created a brand that will last.

SEO Specialist

The first steps to establishing a digital presence for your brand usually have to do with making a website. A handy little WordPress number like this. Or maybe a Wix site. Some companies even spring for a coder to make something novel and different. All good.

The issue comes when you want to rank. Ranking for SEO can make you want to scream. First, it takes crazy time. When you’re a start-up with no income, that can feel infuriating. But, wait you must. The Google and Bing powers that be will require you to. There are things you can do while you wait. SEO is deep and murky and complicated and you may need to hire a specialist. Why? Because your website is your only appreciable asset. SEO will last long after PPC has left you penniless. It’s your long-term investment.

Blogs and Marketing Copy

If you want to succeed, if you want to compete, you have to keep it fresh. There is almost no industry that fills a customer pipeline by writing white papers. I love a research article as much as the next nerd, but the reality is, your bread and butter will probably be social copy and blogs.

This includes blogs, newsjacking, engaging Facebook and Instagram posts, and video content. I help brands create a strategy around all of this work. It’s a lot. But it’s essential. And, it should be fun. This copy is where you find your sweet spot: the right balance between conversational, funny and authoritative that makes people want to keep reading.

Professional Copywriter

This kind of business is personal. I like that. A little about me: I’m a hustler. I sometimes write 30,000 words a week. I still read books from the library. On any given week, I’ll read 2-3 books.

I’m obsessed with natural light. I’ll buy a house based on whether it has good light. A few weeks ago, I didn’t join a gym because it had bad light. I love being outside.

My academic background includes very marketable things like philosophy and theology. Win. I’ve retained the curiosity along with some socially unhelpful observations about the root causes of human behavior.

I’m crazy efficient and very creative. My strength is technical, SEO copy that performs. This means insane keyword research, templated blog strategies that I KNOW perform and laser-focused web copy. But I like to dream with you, too. I’m great at brainstorming.

I have a body of amazing clients who are such wonderful people I would work for free. But I don’t. You can pay for copy from a content mill. That’s a very different rate than you’ll pay with me. But, you get what you pay for. I know the value of good copy in elevating a brand into new levels of competition. My strategies will get you in the game.

Wanna buy what I’m selling? Let’s talk.