What is Your Marketing Personality?

What is your brand voice? Or, how do you write for a brand that has a specific voice? Get ALL of the basics + popular brand examples of everything from funny to rugged to serious brand voices.

Two Steps to Better Marketing in 2020

2020 is here! Happy New Year! Just like digital marketing changes in 2019, 2020 will hold a plethora of new challenges and opportunities for your brand. With more platforms than ever, your brand has the chance to be heard in numerous digital spaces. How do you plan to leverage the (potentially) rapt audience that isContinue reading “Two Steps to Better Marketing in 2020”

3 Things To Learn From 2019 Marketing Trends

Every year is a “new year” for marketing. It’s also a new year in general. There are three key takeaways all small business owners should know. Three key aspects of digital marketing in 2019 were: ONE: New trends in Google TWO: Continued rise of video THREE: The persistence of influencer marketing Platform use has shifted,Continue reading “3 Things To Learn From 2019 Marketing Trends”

Customer Pain Points: Hurts So Good

Using pain points is a long tradition in marketing. Pain points are essentially the areas in which your target customer feels pain. This can be simple pain, like an irritation or inconvenience. It can also be larger pain, like a crisis or complex issue. The starting point for determining these pain points is your buyerContinue reading “Customer Pain Points: Hurts So Good”

How to Create a Sales Funnel

As your business grows, you will want to grow in your ability to market to customers. This means using some tools that will help you efficiently organize your marketing messages and ads. It’s important that you get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. If real estate is all about location,Continue reading “How to Create a Sales Funnel”

Six Steps To Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Creating a digital marketing plan for your small business can feel overwhelming. There are so many kinds of small businesses that need to market. Digital marketing can be a vital component to pretty much every kind of business you can think of. This includes: Marketing for service-based industries, like roof repair, plumbing, pressure washing, deliveryContinue reading “Six Steps To Create a Digital Marketing Plan”

Statistics About Church Online

Should You Update Your Church’s Website and Social Media? One type of company I’ve worked with is churches. Churches are unique. They are non-profit and vary in both size and leadership structure. You get everything from a megachurch with a giant operating budget to a small congregation in a rural area. Generally speaking, churches areContinue reading “Statistics About Church Online”